Original Articles and Projects

Article: To Be a Cathedral (Jagoe- The Table magazine Winter 2021)

Article: “Healing The Wounds of War” The Falls Church Anglican “The Current” March 2016

Project: St. Peter’s Cathedral, Tallahassee “Transformation”

Project: St. Peter’s Transformation in Pictures

Project: Recommendation for Christ Church Plano

Project: Recommendation for Christ Church Plano

Project: ACNA Provincial Canon/Chaplain Mantle

Project: Sacred Space Recommendation for Living Faith Church, Tempe, AZ

Project: ACNA/TEC/CoE Cathedral and Large Church Worship Patterns (2018)

Project: Draft Customary for Gulf Atlantic Diocese

Project: Draft Customary for St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral, Tallahassee

Works in Progress

Paper: The Case for Collegiate Church and Cathedrals (Jagoe) (Coming Soon)

Historic Staff and Organization of Anglican Cathedrals (Future)

Cathedral Patterns of Worship (Future)

From Parish to Cathedral (Future)

Quire/Choir Seating (Future)

DRAFT: The Difference Between Ordination, Installation, Institution, etc. (Work in Progress, please do not distribute)

DRAFT Anatomy of Ecclesiastical Titles (Work in Progress, Please do not distribute)

Various Notes on Episcopal Ministry (Work in Progress, please do not distribute) by Wes Jagoe

Various Copes in Pictures (Work in Progress) by Wes Jagoe

Bishop Chaplain Mantle (Work in Progress) by Wes Jagoe

ACNA Episcopal Lineage Project

The following link contains posters researched and created by Canon Jagoe for each bishop consecrated by Archbishop Foley Beach (as well as his own) containing their lineage traced backed to the Apostles. ACNA Apostolic Lineage Posters

Episcopal Ministry Resources

Various Notes on Episcopal Ministry (Work in Progress, please do not distribute) by Wes Jagoe

Various Copes in Pictures (Work in Progress) by Wes Jagoe

Bishop Chaplain Mantle (Work in Progress) by Wes Jagoe

Alcuin Club XI. English or Roman Use?, by E. G. P. Wyatt, M.A.

Alcuin Club XXV. Notes on Episcopal Ornaments and Ceremonial, by Francis Eeles

Collegiate Church Readings

Collegiate Churches of England and Wales (Jeffery, Ch.1-3, 19 pages)

English Collegiate Churches of the Middle Ages (Cook, Ch. 1-2, 19 Pages)

Officers of the Cathedral Church (English Secular Cathedrals, Edwards, Ch. 3, 62 pages)

Other Collegiate Churches in the High Middle Ages (Vita Communis, Bertram, Ch.9, 12 pages)

Collegiate Churches (The Ecclesiologists Vol XXVII, 11 pages)

Case Study: Racine College, Wisconsin

Racine College History

Racine College Charter and Statutes (1876)

Racine College (Life of the Rev. James DeKoven, Ch.4, 13 pages)

Case Study: Kenyon College, Ohio

Kenyon College Act of Incorporation

Kenyon College Catalog (1831-32)

Kenyon Collegiate Church- Church of the Holy Spirit (Harcourt Parish)

Video Resources

BBC Choral Evensong at York Minster Cathedral (With brief history of collegiate worship)

Christmas Eve at The Collegiate Church of St. Peter (Aka Westminster Abbey)

Christmas Eve at Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London (Documentary)

Choral Evensong Example #1 (The College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity- AKA Trinity College, Cambridge)

Choral Evensong Example #2 (The Queen’s College of St. Margaret and St. Bernard- AKA Queen’s College, Oxford)

Choral Evensong Example #3 (Duke University Chapel)

Choral Evensong Example #4 (Washington National Cathedral)

Choral Evensong Example #5 (All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi, Kenya)

St. Thomas Fifth Ave, NYC- Parish Church with daily choral worship

Magnificat-Stanford in A, St. John’s College, Oxford

A Service of Lessons and Carols- The King’s College of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas in Cambridge (AKA King’s College)


Easy Reading: Cathedrals and Collegiate Churches

Holy Ground: Cathedrals in the Twenty-First Century (Stephen Platten) (Hardback, Paper, Kindle)

The Deans: Cathedral Life Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Trevor Beeson) (Hardback)

Ships of Heaven: The Private Life of Britain’s Cathedrals (Hardback, Paper, Kindle)

Flagships of the Spirit: Cathedrals in Society (Platten and Lewis 1998) (Paperback)

A House of Prayer For All People: A History of Washington National Cathedral (Frederick Quinn 2014) (Paperback, Kindle)

Dreaming Spires? Cathedrals In a New Age (Platten and Lewis 2006) (Paperback)

The Deans: Cathedral Life, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Trevor Beeson 2004) (Hardcover)

The Cathedral (Danny Danzinger 1989) (Hardcover)

The American Cathedral (William Lawrence 1919) (Paperback)

Handbook of the Washington Cathedral (1903) (Free Ebook)

Easy Reading: Liturgy, Vestments, and Ornaments

FREE Ornaments of the Ministers (Percy Dearmer-1920)

FREE A Parson’s Handbook (Percy Dearmer 1889) (Free PDF, multiple print versions)

FREE The Art of Public Worship (Percy Dearmer-1919)

FREE Everyman’s History of the Prayer Book (Percy Dearmer 1912)

FREE The English or Roman Use [of the Liturgy]? (E. G. P. Wyatt- 1913)

Academic Reading: Collegiate Churches and Cathedrals

The Collegiate Churches of England and Wales (Paul Jeffery 2007) (Hardcover, Paperback)

English Collegiate Churches (G. H. Cook- 1959) (Out of Print)

Barchester: English Cathedral Life in the 19th Century (Philip Barrett 1993) (Out of Print)

Life in a Medieval College: The Story of the Vicars Choral of York Minster (Frederick Harrison 1957) (Out of Print)

Bishop and Chapter in Twelfth-Century England (Everett Crosby 1994) (Out of Print)

The Colleges of Cambridge (Bryan Little 1973) (Out of Print)

Monasticon Anglicanum, or The Histories of The Ancient Abbies, and Other Monastasteries, Hospitals, Cathedrals and Collegiate Churches in England and Wales (William Dugdal) (Free Ebook)

Secrets of a Great Cathedral (Spence-Jones 1914) (Free Ebook)

The Legal Architecture of English Cathedrals (Norman Doe 2018)

The Gothic Enterprise: A Guide to Understanding the Medieval Cathedral (Robert Scott 2011) (Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle)

Academic Reading: Cathedral Liturgy and Music

The Chichester Customary: The Rites of the Church as Observed throughout the Year in Chichester Cathedral (Duncan-Jones) (1948) (FREE PDF)

An Essay on Cathedral Worship (Henry Ryder-1843) (PDF and Reprint)

English Cathedral Music and Liturgy in the Twentieth Century (Martin Thomas 2015) (Multiple)

English Cathedral Music (Edmund Fellowes 1948) (Hardcover)

The English Chorister: A History (Alan Mould 2008) (Hardcover, Paperback)

O Sing Unto the Lord: A History of English Church Music (Henry Horn 2016) (Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle)

Cathedral & Collegiate Church Constitution & Statutes

Auckland Cathedral (NZ)

Blackburn Cathedral (UK)

Chester Cathedral (UK)

Chichester Cathedral (UK)

Christ Church Cathedral Connecticut (US-TEC)

Cathedral Church of Minnesota (US- TEC)

Cathedral Church of Saint Luke Portland (US- TEC)

Cathedral Church of St. Paul California (US- TEC)

Christ Church Cathedral Oxford (UK)

Ely Cathedral (UK)

Exeter Cathedral (UK)

Norwich Cathedral (UK)

Southwark Cathedral (UK)

York Minster Cathedral (UK)

Winchester College (UK)

Merton College (UK)

Jesus College (UK)

College of William and Mary (USA)

Washington College (Trinity College) Statutes (USA)

Washington College (Trinity College) Charter (USA)

Queen’s College (Rutgers) (USA)

Racine College (USA)